Interior Detail
  • Thorough Vacuum of seats, floor, mats & boot

  • Rubber mats cleaned

  • Clean and wipe down of doors, dash, console & all trims

  • Interior Detailer Dressing applied to doors, dash, console & all trims

  • Windows & mirrors cleaned

  • Fresh car scent sprayed

Services that can be added onto Interior Detail

  • Shampoo & extraction for seats

  • Shampoo & extraction for carpet

  • Leather seats treated

  • Dog hair removal

  • Sand removal

Exterior Detail
  • Wheels degreased, deironed and cleaned using soft brushes

  • Snow foam and pressure rinse exterior to remove loose dirt

  • Fuel cap cleaned(if able to open)

  • 2 bucket with grit guards hand wash with soft microfibre mit, high pressure rinse

  • Apply spray sealant for protection & have amazing gloss

  • Dry using a microfibre twisted loop drying towel

  • High gloss silicone tyre shine applied

  • Wipe down door and boot jams

Services that can be added onto Exterior Detail

  • Engine Bay Detailed

  • Headlights Polished

  • Paintwork chemical & Physical Decontamination

  • Single Stage Machine Polish

  • Ceramic Coatings